Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Infrared Digital Photography

I recently purchased from a fellow photo club member, a Nikon D50 Digital Camera that had been modified to capture Infrared digital photos by Life Pixel, they can be found on the web at www.lifepixel.com. I been contemplating taking one of my older point and shoot cameras and having it converted for Infrared digital capture but had not acted on it. Now, I am so glad that my usual procrastinating had finally paid off. I now have a DSLR that fits my Nikon system lenses allowing for a wider creative ability in the Infrared area. I am a total newbie in the IR area far as trying to capture and process digital IR captures but I found the tutorials on the Life Pixel website to be most helpful.

Below are a couple examples of the IR photos I had taken, one where it is pretty much black and white and the other where the sky was left blue. I am going to continue to experiment to see what I can create using IR photos. For those contemplating jumping into the digital IR photo arena I would recommend reading the information and viewing the tutorials that are available on the Life Pixel site.

IR photo converted to Black and White
IR photo where the sky was left to remain blue in color
I will write about my new IR discoveries as I come upon them during my IR adventure

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